You’re a professional with a burgeoning career, yet you harbor a wanderlust spirit that desperately cries for attention. Is it possible to balance work and adventure?


How do you maximize your time on vacation? How do you stretch your budget? How do you get the most out of your experience?

I hope the stories here can entertain, inspire, and perhaps even provide you with some answers and tips for those questions.

Hi guys, you can call me J and you can call her S. Before and after we became a couple, we’ve both loved exploring the world – both as individuals, as well as together. To us, there is nothing more fun than experiencing different cultures, eating different food, and discovering new adventures. Since you are reading this, I’m sure you do too!

Quickly browsing the internet, we saw numerous travel blogs where people quit their jobs to live out their dreams traveling! As idyllic as that sounds, it might also be unrealistic for most (definitely the case for us).

In addition to our full time jobs, we have other responsibilities as well (student loans, retirement savings, managing investments, etc.). On top of it all, we also loved our careers!

That’s why we started this blog. For professionals young and old, with a myriad of responsibilities, who still wish to squeeze out the occasional adventure.

So what are you waiting for? Subscribe, pack your bags, and follow us on our journey!